Top 10 Advances in Surgeries Your Doctors Won’t Tell You


We put our life in the hands of our doctors. Without any doubts, we never ask questions when they give us advice. But little do we know that doctors have secrets too. It’s either they are clueless or deliberately hold off information to their patients. You might be shocked, wait until you read the following facts bellow:

  1. False-Positive Results From Mammograms

Surgeons usually utilize mammograms to check for breast cancer among women. However, it has been a fact that mammograms have an inappropriate ability to recognize non-cancerous tumors. Doctors are often clueless about this and as a result, give unnecessary treatment to their patients. Over treatment may expose them to the effects associated with cancer therapy. It’s like treating something that isn’t really there.

  1. Some Medicines Increase the Risk of Cancer

Doctors may not mention or know this, but some medicines for high blood pressure can triple your risk of getting cancer. Studies have shown that there is a great link between cancer and high blood medicines.


  1. Nephrectomy shortens Hospital stay

Traditionally, doctors let you stay in the hospital for up to a week after a kidney                surgery. But with a Nephrectomy, the hospital stay is cut into 3 days max. Doctors may not offer this major type of surgery due to inaccessibility of equipment needed or incapability of patient to pay for such operation.

  1. Some Vaccines are Harmful

Vaccinations are quite commonly recommended especially to new born. In recent years, vaccines have shown ineffective on the disease they try to treat.  However, our physicians have not told us of the possible harms that these chemically-composed injecatbles can bring. The reason is that they have no knowledge about this ever growing controversy.

So, it is wise enough to get more information on a vaccine before taking it. Remember, you can never undo the effects of vaccination.

  1. Some Popular Drugs Affect Glucose Levels

Some prescription drugs like statin can cause diabetes. Recent studies have confirmed this. These substances have side effects that have been proven to be the root cause of problems that lead to diabetes. This is a hidden epidemic that even most doctors do not know of.

  1. Side effects of heart burn med

Another drug that is effecting in treating what it is supposed to do, but has deadly side effects are heart burn medicines. These medicines contain Propulsid that can increase the chances of cardiac arrest among people who have heart disease. Dotors are not very careful about this, so patients should do their own research work before taking anything.

  1. Bleeding From Taking Aspirins

The risk of intestinal bleeding has been known from taking aspirin for a long period. However, recent studies show that even low dosages increase the risk. The benefits of aspirin cannot over weigh the risks.

  1. Radiation From in X-rays and CT Scans

Doctors may prescribe you to get an X-ray or CT scan without mentioning its harm. This is actually controversial while studies show conflicting ideas. These machines emit radiation that can cause cancer among new born. The number grows each year.

  1. Criminal Records

We normally don’t ask physicians about their criminal records right? Well, think again. There have been so many cases of sex-offenders who are surgeons both in the US and UK. So, be careful when the surgeon, out of nowhere, suspectingly schedules you or a child.

  1. Surgeons are Paid By Pharmaceutical Companies

Surgeons who can talk to the public about a disease and promote a brand is paid handsomely by pharmaceutical companies. So, they “voluntarily” talk to the press about it. So when your surgeon highly recommends yu to a certain medicine, you know why their doing it.