The SurgiPrice Platform: Empowering Patients

For many people, a surgery is a very stressful event. Many reasons contribute to such anxiety no matter what type of surgery. One is the long waiting time due to priority issues in the hospital. No matter how fancy the waiting room or the hospital is (with all the updated interior design and marble flooring), this does not mean better clinical outcomes.With the increasing cost of surgical procedures, the MpowerHC has released a new platform that utilizes technology to reduce surgical expenses, at the same time offer patients multiple choices to meet their individual needs. Also, a surgeon’s affability or friendliness, though important, does not necessarily associate with value and quality care.costs


What is MpowerHC?


MpowerHC is a medical platform and health care service that gives patients transparency over their surgical, dental, and imaging needs. Through up front options and choices, patients can have the opportunity to choose the kind of primary care they’ll receive- all of these services are offered at a value based price. This is particularly for self-insured individuals like employees and workers under the private sector – who have the highest paying cost for health care.


How does it work?


The process is quite simple. Using the MpowerHC’s HIPAA complaint portal, patients will send their surgical needs online.  Then, surgeons will review the complaint submitted and compete. They will have to win over a patient by offering them one good bundled price.  In turn, patients will receive a number of options where they are given the power to choose. They can review a surgeon’s credentials, work history, and total cost for procedures performed. Once the patient decides, the surgeon who he chooses will win the competition.


Not only the surgeons benefit at this point. Self-insured workers as well as their employers benefit from this innovative platform. In a normal hospital setting, the cost of surgery builds up from other fees such as the Surgeon’s service fee, facility fee, and anesthesia fee. Plus, the admin cost for processing the claims. Meanwhile, the MpowerHc platform allows employers to pay for a single bundled price and process one claim. This hugely reduces the cost of health care by more than 50% by reducing the cap reserve requirement.


Through enforcing competition among surgeons, patients are able to control the cost associated with surgical care. They may opt to decide whether an option fits their particular needs. Price submissions are confidential and the providers are unable to see other surgeon’s pricing offer to avoid bias in the process. More and more patients will make valued based decisions.



A Thought to Meditate on


The country has been battling with high health care cost, regardless of which sector. Policy makers should realize the importance of competition in driving real improvements in the cost of primary care. The MpowerHC platform has made a huge difference by letting surgeons compete, thus surgical cost.

Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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