New Mexico’s 24/7 NurseAdvice

If you are new to New Mexico, and experienced abdominal pain or any unusual pain, you can always call on the hotline of NurseAdvice before going to the hospital. They are the only state that has a 24/7 registered nurse professionals call center that is absolutely free for all residents.

NurseAdvice was formed on 2006. Since then, it has saved thousands of New Mexico residents out of emergency situations. This unique program also helped people of NM from spending millions of health care expenses. Nurses from NurseAdvice have provided basic health care advice to people who don’t have health insurance. The health program has also relieved the demand on other medical professionals.


In April 2015, one month from now, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will endorse New Mexico’s NurseAdvice call center program as a national model for other states to adopt for emergency awareness.

New Mexico’s Nurse Advice hotlines have been readily available since 1960 as a way to save residents. The main purpose of this program is to give advice and provide solution to resident’s health complains in order to prevent them in spending too much on hospital bills.

How NurseAdvice Works

NurseAdvice is definitely free of charge.  In order to reach NurseAdvice’s registered nurses, residents should call the hotline number 877-725-2552. Nurses will immediately attend to your queries; they will ask questions related to your complaint. If the nurse has already identified your health situation, they will automatically instruct you on what to do, these advices are commonly home remedies since nurses are not allowed to prescribed and diagnose. In addition, nurses are more on the preventive guidance.

New Mexico’s NurseAdvice is being funded by most public and private groups including insurance companies.

Today, New Mexico’s NurseAdvice program is considered to be the most effective preventive health call center. According to Koonin of Center for Disease Control, the state-wide reach of New Mexico NurseAdvice line, as well as its close ties with the medical community, has made it particularly effective at stemming the spread of infectious diseases.

In 2009, when H1N1 flu was pandemic, NurseAdvice kept thousands of people from contacting the disease since they were able to disseminate appropriate information on how to prevent the fatal flu. They even coordinated with doctors so that there will be in-charged in prescribing medications like Tamiflu.

Nurse Advice has improved over the years. They even received the highest customer’s satisfaction and approval rating of 85%. It simply means that thousands of NurseAdvice clients are very happy with their health care service.


We all know that the New Mexico’s NurseAdvice is funded by public and private groups, which means, these groups want something that can be beneficial to the locals of the state. One of the goals of the group behind NurseAdvice is to help people who cannot afford paying health insurance and other health expenses. That is why when callers say that they don’t have a primary physician, the program will automatically provide and assist them to coordinate with a local doctor.

New Mexico is known to have a scarcity of medical professionals, and because of these, they needed a program like Nurse Advice to lessen the need of doctors.

New Mexico’s NurseAdvice continues to give healthcare advices to local residents who calls for their help. It is the most effective health program ever created that kept thousands of people from admitting themselves to the emergency room.


Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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