Medical Tourism in Ecuador

We all know that medical tourism is the process of traveling abroad to seek and receive the best quality of health care. It is already the most common practice to Americans to travel in different places where a medical procedure is cheap and affordable. Some medical tourists consider Ecuador as their destination because of their excellent quality of medical care, state of the art equipment and highly skilled physicians.

Most doctors in Ecuador studied and trained in the United States but they went home to serve their countrymen. They offer cheap medical health services. The average physician rates ranges from $25 – $35.  Their dental service ranges from $325, for partial plates and $900 for a complete set of dentures. They do not have any hidden charges.


They are also good in some medical procedures such as heart surgery, cosmetics, obesity and orthopaedic surgery since they have many specialists that have trained in the best medical schools. Standard surgical procedure will only cost patients just $2,130 and a follow-up check-up for only $10. Its way cheaper compared to America’s cost of hospitalization.

Best medical services in other parts of Ecuador

Ecuador itself offers better medical and surgical services. But there are some conditions that require special procedures. That’s why physicians refer their patients with critical case in other parts of Ecuador such as Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. Among these 3 parts of Ecuador, Cuenca is considered to be the best city that can offer high quality and first class health services.

Cheap health Insurance

The average American pays $1,200 for premium health insurance and it’s not applicable to other countries. That’s too expensive compared to Ecuador. Citizens only pay $70 to $75 per month. They are not required to get an insurance company.

They value the rights of every patient

The Ecuadorian medical profession created a policy stating that all patients have the right to own their medical records, laboratory and x-ray results. They can keep these documents for future reference. You can always choose Ecuador as your destination for health purposes. They will not let you wait for hours and they have skilled medical teams to assist you in your needs. Not only that, you will not have any language difficulty since they can speak English fluently.

They value health so much, that is why after your treatment process, they will make an effort to call and ask relevant questions related to your health and wellness. They want to make sure you get the best healthcare service even if you are not from Ecuador.




Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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