Healthcare in Italy

Italy is located at the southern part of Europe. It is considered the 8th largest country in the world. As of 2014, they have a total of 70 million residents. Health care is readily accessible to all Italian residents and even expats. According to the World Health Organization, Italy is ranked 2nd among the top 10 countries with great quality of health care services. They are also known to have affordable medical health system.

Public health

The Italian government has established a public healthcare system since 1978. They can provide great service to all. But because of their increasing number of people and affordable service, their public health hospitals can accommodate certain number of clients per day.  People in remote areas located in the south of Italy, have limited access to health services since some of the best doctors are gathered in rural and big cities.


Private Health

Their private health system offers first-class quality of health service. Their private hospitals are equipped with updated medical technology.  Italians and immigrants with private health plan prefer to consider private hospitals since it gives them high level of comfort even if it’s expensive. Residents don’t need to worry since they have well-trained, skilled and passionate doctors that are readily available in both public and private hospitals.

They also have a system called Servizio Sanitario Nazionale that offers inexpensive health care service to all Italian and European residents. The system covers laboratory tests, in-patient hospitalization and treatments, physician visits and other special medical assistance. It also offers out-patient and dental services

Medical emergency system

Italy offers great emergency medical services. The government and private sectors volunteered to provide top of the line ambulance. Residents who need immediate care will directly contact 118, their official emergency contact number.

Medical tourism in Italy 

Medical tourists consider Italy as their destination of choice. Aside from the fact that it serves the best health service, they also admire Italy since it offers reasonable healthcare rate. The government also required them to have private medical insurance before seeking the country’s health services. Without such, they will not grant their permit to stay. Healthcare system in Italy is truly the best, even if some services are expensive. It’s not even an issue for some immigrants and medical tourists. So if you are still planning to seek health service in Italy, make sure to know better their health care system if it really suits you and your budget.

Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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