Health Care in Uruguay

Uruguay is a country that is situated in the south eastern region of South America. As of 2013 statistics, there are approximately 3.3 million people living in the country.  We already know that there are many wonderful tourist spots in Uruguay. What we do not know is that they also serve the best and high quality medical health services. The high quality of health care service is readily accessible all over the country. Uruguayans are entitled to participate in their national health care system.

Public health care system

Individuals with financial difficulties and those who do not have any health insurance are welcome to seek assistance from public hospitals. It can be slow and crowded at times. The government made sure that every small town have public clinics or hospitals so that everyone can access it. The public health care system’s goal is to provide comfort and best health services to those who really cannot afford.


Private health care system

They have new, modern and updated medical equipment. They also have doctors who studied and trained in the United States, Germany and Brazil. Doctors and other medical professionals value health so much. That is the reason why even senior physicians still undergo continuous training classes and programs locally and abroad.

The government of Uruguay offers the best health care plan to immigrants living in their country. It is called mutualista. When you apply and pay for this plan, you become a member of a hospital. You can go there for every time you need their health care services. It is not even an insurance plan. You just have to pay $16 per month. It’s cheaper than any other insurance plan.

Language is not a problem in Uruguay. You don’t need to worry. Their doctors are very fluent in English.


They also offer affordable services and have both branded and generic medicines. They provide free medicines to people in remote areas. All in all, Uruguayans have a big heart for less fortunate people.

Popular Hospital in Uruguay

Most medical tourists, immigrants and wealthy residents seek help in Montevideo’s British Hospital. Aside from the fact that it is the most popular hospital in the country, it also offers first-class health care facilities and services.

Cheap and affordable healthcare services

There are many health insurance plans in the country. Most of them offer it in a very affordable price. Their private hospitalization and medicines are covered by the insurance company for as low as $50-$70.

For outpatient cases, co-payments for emergency room, medicines, doctors and special appointment rate ranges from $4-$15.

Health care services and facilities in Uruguay are the best. They really know the significance of providing high quality healthcare services to all.




Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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