Health Care in Mexico

Mexico borders North America from the south. With estimated population of 122 million, their largest city is Mexico City and their current form of government is federal republic. Mexico is most famous for its breath taking sceneries, culture and sometimes the intense cartel violence. Moreover, Mexico’s medical system has become attractive and popular hence encouraging patients to become tourists.

With the rise in health care cost in the United States and elsewhere, Mexico’s affordable and superior health care has become beneficial to the their economy.


Private Health Care System

Mexico’s private sector is thriving.  Because of the influx of tourists and patients, clinics and hospitals are growing rapidly in the city. Average and middle class Mexicans including foreigners working in Mexico pay private insurance companies to have access to first-class and state of the art medical services. Most Mexicans who are insured through public insurance system also pay out of pocket to obtain better service.

Private health care system in Mexico generally delivers excellent service. The doctors, nurses and specialist health care professionals working at Mexico’s private hospitals are well trained and usually have access to the latest equipment, technologies and medicine. They also know very well how to speak English.

Public Health Care System

Those who wanted to avail of the Mexico’s public care system can also have their insurance plans along with their employers if employed and with the government through Social Security. An employee will pay according to wage.  There are also public hospitals and clinics that will cater their needs. Mexico has opened up a new insurance program called Seguro Popular that will allow uninsured Mexicans to have access to full health coverage. Families pay a premium based on their income to join.

The quality of health care service provided in public for the public sector varies considerably. Some hospitals will deliver truly first-rate services while others, particularly in the rural areas are less consistent.


Access to pharmacies is not a problem in Mexico. The prices of medicines in Mexico are incredibly lower than in other countries like the US.

Hospitals in Mexico

Here are the top six hospitals in Mexico according to

  1. Hospital Angeles Valle Oriente, located in Monterrey, Mexico’s 3rd largest city.
  2. CIMA Chihuahua is located in Chihuahua, northern Mexico
  3. Hospital Galenia can be found in Cancun
  4. Hospital Medica Sur
  5. The two campuses of American British Cowdray Medical Center (the Observatorio campus and Santa Fe campus.

All these hospitals offer the best medical service. Mexico has many other excellent, private hospitals all over the country.




Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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