The Eyelashes Length and Its Purpose

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For ladies, putting artificial eyelashes may add to the gorgeous looks; however, they may also be diverting dust to your eyes. That is because the optimal eyelash length is approximately one third the width of an eye which applies to 22 different animals, not only to humans.

A research focusing on the study of eyelashes carefully measured the width of each eye and the length of the eyelashes of 22 different animals including pandas, armadillos, camels and kangaroos.

One of his collaborators carefully measured the width of each eye and the length of the eyelashes on 22 different mammals, including species of camels, kangaroos, pandas and armadillos.

They analyzed fake eyelashes and a permeable mesh, and discovered that they can both behave exactly the same way. They analyzed various lengths of mesh to find out how the length of an animal’s eyelashes impacts how quickly the eye gets dry and how much dust gets in.

“As the eyelashes get longer, you get less evaporation and less deposition. This means wetter, cleaner eyes. But if they get too long they start to channel more airflow towards the eye and that increases the evaporation and increases the deposition of the particles.” This is according to Guillermo Amador, a doctoral student in fluid mechanics at Georgia Tech and the lead author of the study.

The curve of the eyelashes does not appear to matter just as much. Animal eyelashes differ significantly: camel lashes, for example, angle downward, almost concurrent to the surface of the eye. Amador and his colleagues measured length perpendicular to the top of the eye to regulate for these differences.

Nature has its own way of protecting us and naturally designed the length of the eyelashes that matches our needs. Eyelashes enable animals to have their eyes open once they have to watch for predators or prey, so it is sensible that a lot of eyelashes would reach a perfect length to reduce drying and dust.

The study simply indicates that women who often use fake eyelashes are more prone to dry eyes more often than usual. They may have to blink more often and susceptible to irritation.

The findings of the study may help people with a distinct condition known as madarosis. This health condition could lead to loss of eyelashes. People with madarosis tend to get eye infections due to the fact that their eyelashes are not there to protect the eyes. Putting on fake eyelashes with the right length may reduce their chances of getting their eyes irritated.

Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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