Everything You Need to Know About Pillpack

Pillpack is known to be the modern pharmacy that follows old-fashion ethics and standards. They are also known as the full packed pharmacy that provides simple yet great service to consumers. Their pharmacists have been through 6 years of training.  They have the ability to answer all customers’ queries about medications, drug interactions, side effects and symptoms.


The pharmacy was co-founded by TJ Parker and Elliott Cohen. The two co-founders, Parker and Cohen met over MIT’s Hacking Medicine four years ago. Parker said that they have decided to start a company that would make it more accessible to customers.

They believe that robots can help them in spending more time with their clients. Their vision is to make managing medicines simple. They want to make sure that everybody is on the finest and traditional set of medications and it is easy to take those medicines appropriately.

PillPack is situated in Somerville, Massachusetts, a lively start-up community also near Formlabs, GreentownLabs, Grove, Echo Nest, TapJoy, Theravid and Brooklyn Boulders.

The company has also built a pharmacy in Manchester, NH that can transport medicines, pills, tablets and other medication to 41 states. However, they do not offer individual shipping since they are known to have pre-sorted, organized and labelled medications. It arrives on a roll in a distributor, making it easier for people to stay on the right path.

What they offer

  • Pre-sorted medications – At Pillpack, medications come in a more personalized medicine dispenser.
  • Free shipping – No shipping fees
  • Customer Support 24/7 – Attends inquiries and other issues related to medications.
  • Proactive refill management – Accepts phone calls and e-mails for refill request.

Insurance Coverage

Pillpack accepts major insurance plans such as: aetna, CVS caremark, express scripts and optum.

Lastly, PillPack provides a clean, spontaneous dashboard that is very easy to use. Pillpack provides their client on what medicine should be taken, when should be taken and a full and detailed list of medications with images of the medications. Pillpack also provides all the billing details that the client needs and a calendar to view future shipments.

Author: Aaron Jay Lev

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